Cooking courses…

Learn to cook with locally sources fresh ingredients and with our highly experience Chef.

We have day courses available starting November 5th 2018. You can simply visit us for 1 day or stay for up to 5 days…

About our chef Jonathan Cloake…

Once upon a time, in a faraway and magical land known as Cornwall, there lived a young and curious boy named Jonathan. Jonathan was born into a simple countryside life of love and of friendship, of little cash but bountiful beauty, and of rolling hills crested by the rugged and serene Cornish coastline.

In this haven of a home, Jon would often roam around his parent’s campsite and spend his days picking fresh blackberries from the within the thick rows of brambles, counting tadpoles, and playing with the free range chickens and livestock that his parents kept. And all the while, Jon would take in all the fresh and vibrant splendour that his surrounding world had to offer him…


About our 5-day cooking course…
Arrival at Casa De Mondo can be either on the Saturday or Sunday which will include a transfer pick up from Faro Airport Only. This will enable all of our guests to spend the first two days becoming accustomed to the area and relaxing and enjoying the grounds of Casa De Mondo.

Continental Breakfast will be served every morning between 8.00am and 9.30am in ones rooms or outside if the sun is shining. Dinner on both Saturday and Sunday night will be served at around 7.30pm which will be a family dinner of home cooked cuisine in a very warm and relaxed environment. We will share meal time together with good food and wine and conversation. Please let us know in advance if you have any food choices or allergies.

Day One
After breakfast, we will meet our world renowned chef Jonathan Stephen James Cloake and he will then lead us on an excursion of visiting the local market, whereby we will spend approximately two hours being educated on local products and how to choose the perfect fruits and vegetables followed by tasting, smelling and enjoying all the local produce. Then we will have a light snack in Loule at a local café, tasting traditional Portuguese pastries and drinking Coffee. After this, we will go onto a local organic farm to purchase some ingredients for our cooking experiences. In the evening we will all share an evening meal together in Casa De Mondo and get to know each other over good food and local wines.

Day Two
After breakfast, we will look closely at the different cuisines from around the world. Portuguese, Mexican, Spanish, Indonesian, Indian and British. Day two is a day where we will expand your minds and help you to learn food preparation and storage. We will be learning about the process from buying the produce to storage and preparation. We will also see how to use every part of the ingredient and how to make sauces, stocks and soups, so there is no waste or free produce. In the evening, we will be learning to make our own Pizzas from scratch learning the Napoli pizza dough recipe with Portuguese flour and cooking them in the Pizza Oven and sharing our meal together discussing life and the meaning of it.

Day Three
After breakfast, we will start our international cuisine cooking day, learning ingredients, spices, and flavours and combining all of that into dishes from around the world. Each day we will decide between the group which cuisine you would appreciate to learn about, the night before. In the evening we will again visit another local restaurant with great food and a relaxed atmosphere tasting local cuisine from our favourite places in the beautiful Algarve. Seafood, fish and other delicacies that cannot be discovered anywhere else in the world. Your chance to enjoy the wonders and joys of the beautiful Algarve.

Day Four
After breakfast we will again start our international cuisine cooking day after deciding on which part of the world we will discover today. Learning ingredients, spices, and flavours and combining all of that into dishes from around the world. Each day we will decide between the group which cuisine you would appreciate to learn about, the night before. In the evening we will share a meal that we have prepared together enjoying the flavours of the world that we have learnt about that day.


Day Five
After breakfast, we will again for our final day choose another international cuisine and study about and taste and cook from the Country that you are all intrigued to learn about. Then in the evening, we will eat together for our final meal at Casa De Mondo deciding upon our International choice of final supper together. All lunches will be a combination of light sandwiches or pastas or salads or toasties, with wine beer or soft drinks. There will also be three times of that week a tea served in the afternoon with local traditional cakes served with Tea or coffee.
Departure Day
A Continental breakfast will be served and then the day is yours to depart or you can stay and enjoy the pool or read in a hammock or pick up some paints and enjoy the creative choices in Casa De Mondo which are available throughout your stay. We provide paints for you to work with water colour or Acrylic. Canvases are an extra purchase

The total cost per person for our 5-day cooking course is 1450 euros per person.


Day 1 – Italian €85 (discount when combined with other days)

You will create traditional full flavour dished inspired by the Italian cuisine.

Day 5 – Seafood €85 (discount when combined with other days)

Freshly sourced from the market you will work with ingredients to create seafood dishes. Including prawns, lobster, crab, squid and fish.

Day 3 – Farmhouse Kitchen

Traditional farmhouse cooking using local fresh ingredients

We will be introducing some of these international cuisines soon

Rustic English
Rustic French
Classic English/Modern English
North African


Why our cooking course?…

Experienced chef...

Our Chef Jonathan Cloake is highly experienced and has worked in restuaraunts around the world.

Source local ingredients...

You will visit and source local ingredients and produce. You will be shown how to use everything (no waste).

So much to enjoy in-between...

When you are not cooking, we will be cooking for you. Plus there is so much to do around Casa De Mondo during your stay.

About our courses

There will be lots of activity when you visit Casa De Mondo as we celebrate many holidays throughout the year Internationally from Christmas to Halloween to Day of The Dead and many more. There are also many Traditional Portuguese Holidays that we will be joining in too.

Our message is one of creativity and trying to encourage all our guests to find their creative flow that may have been buried for some time due to the Rat Race or to discover some form of creativity that you may have not touched upon before.

Writing, cooking, painting, riding and singing courses will be available to try at Casa De Mondo. The House of the World. We want to help our guests find a love for life in the creative side of it. Love is all you need.
There will be lots of things to purchase at Casa De Mondo from Art work, jewellery, candles, baskets, furniture and sarongs as well as many other hidden treasures.

Scattered around Casa De Mondo are easels for you to pick up some paints and enjoy the creative choices in Casa De Mondo which are available throughout your day. We provide paints for you to work with water colour or Acrylic. Canvases are an extra purchase.

Your room will be cleaned every day and changed twice. All towels and toiletries will be in the rooms for you to use.
No paper must be flushed down the toilets as this will cause many difficulties.

If you require a car we recommend that you pick it up from the airport upon arrival at your own cost.

All drinks at meal times are included in the course however any extra drinks will be at your expense after initial drinks in restaurant and evening meal. We also have a light food menu available at an extra cost eg. toasties, fruit, yoghurts and coffees.

There will be tea and coffee in your rooms with a kettle. glass bottles of milk, cookies, fresh orange juice, water and fresh fruit.
All rooms have fridges. All rooms are air conditioned. All rooms are provided with WiFi.

The Full course includes all meals as quoted above, accommodation, cooking course, ingredients , continental breakfast, lunches and two teas ,dinners, transfers to and from Faro airport.

For a further week you are welcome to stay at Casa De Mondo using all the facilities with just a Continental Breakfast. You will then require a Rental Car. Accommodation and breakfast will be 125 euros per night per room.

For further information on any of the courses please either email us or call us. Details below and on our ‘contact us’ page.

Experts with a passion…

Join our experts with a passion for their skills and creativity and an intimate knowledge in cooking, cake design, creative writing, singing, painting, riding horses. Our groups are small (6 -8 people) but a collaboration of people who all share a common interest and who will have the opportunity to experience the real Algarve.

Where are we based?...

We are based in Boliqueime, Loule


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